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Sítio Guiomar is located 10 km from the city of Vargem Alta, in an area known for much water and greenery, in the mountains of Espírito Santo. The farm is in its fourth generation. The family is descended from Italian immigrants. Reginaldo’s great-grandfather, Batista Costalonga, planted the first coffee trees, without any special technique nor resources, as coffee and other crops provided the family’s income. The producer’s father, Miguel Costalonga, relates that he participated actively in everything the farm needed, and together with him, the producer and his brother entered into coffee production. They passed through difficult times and had to leave and find outside jobs. His brother, Edevaldo, had the opportunity to work as a coffee cupper, but they never abandoned their fields. His father and mother, Alaide, continued producing coffee on the farm and did everything possible to preserve nature. In 2015, Reginaldo returned to the farm and together with the techniques his brother brought, he has dedicated himself to the maximum with everything he has learned since he was young. They have improved the quality of their crops, installed machinery and patios, employed technology to produce high-quality coffees seeking sustainable production. As they are located in a high, cold region, the harvest is selective. They pass through the fields around five times picking only the well-ripened beans.

The lot participating in this competition was picked in August, a Red Catucaí 785 from Plot 02. It was pulped the same day it was picked and spent 12 hours in a tank with water. Then it was dried on covered African beds. Reginaldo’s wife, Aline Amorim, and his mother, Alaide Costalonga, raked the coffee every hour during the day. The coffee dried over a period of 15 days. Their one-year-old son, Gustavo, is Reginaldo’s motivation each and every day. This will help them produce sustainable coffee of ever increasing quality.

Rank: 23
Score: 87.09
Boxes: 11
Weight: 727.52
Variety: Red Catucaí 785
Process: Fully Washed
Region: Montanhas do Espírito Santo

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