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Fazenda Cerca de Pedras São Benedito – Piatã/Bahia – Silvio Leite Café

Silvio began producing coffee as a first-generation producer in October 2019. This activity is truly the result of an old dream that has only been realized with the acquisition of Fazenda Cerca de Pedras São Benedito. The farm has 6 hectares of red and yellow Catuaí out of a total area of 32 hectares.

In this new professional stage of specialty coffee production, the desire is to continue always sharing with the coffee community, especially in Chapada Diamantina and Piatã, the city where the property is located. The Piatã region sparked Silvio’s interest since the year 1999 when BSCA specialty coffee competitions and the Cup of Excellence began. Silvio is very proud to have been one of the founders and co-author of the technical protocols of this competition that brings important, valuable benefits to the entire coffee chain, from producers to consumers, bringing prosperity to all links of the value chain. Returning to Piatã, the region is blessed with unique conditions for growing extremely high-quality specialty coffees despite having historically limited rainfall. In general, coffee growing areas are small and family run. In this project and its expansion are contained all the desire to produce shade-grown coffee, harvests of perfect cherries (most of the pickers are women), post-harvest processing using the best techniques and slow drying (in greenhouses, on African beds, practically in the shade) as Silvio always suggested and now uses in his own production.

The first harvest at Fazenda Cerca de Pedras São Benedito was in 2020 and already then using these concepts it was crowned champion of the 17th National Championship promoted by ABIC (Brazilian Coffee Industry Association) for the Chapada Diamantina region and the lot was national champion in terms of value obtained in the auction. The work team has been fundamental in the entire harvest and preparation process under the leadership of the local administrator, Kleumor Moreira, 35, a young coffee producer and neighbor.

Silvio’s objective for the farm (another dream) is to make it into a “farm school,” bringing more science and new cultivars, always with open doors, meeting the demand for information with current topics necessary for the development of the specialty coffee value chain for all small producers, partners and students to participate. The property does not yet have any certifications.

In 2021, during Silvio’s first time participating in Cup of Excellence Brazil, he placed 17th, and was very happy and proud of the results.

Rank: 20
Score: 87.19
Size: 12
Weight: 793.66
Variety: Red and Yellow Catuaí
Process: Pulped Natural
Region: Chapada Diamantina

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