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Terracota’s story begins in 2019 when Felipe Carvalho acquired cultivation. Fazenda Campo Redondo in the city of São Tomas de Aquino, MG. At that time, the farm had pastures and the coffee that was there was leased, extractive cultivation. So Felipe decided to plant exotic varieties in the areas of pasture (Geisha, Catiguá MG2, Aranãs, Brasil Wood) and took over some of the fields that were leased. He began to focus on producing specialty coffees. Felipe is the first generation of coffee producers at Terracota.

His thinking since the beginning has been: having exotic varieties, differentiated processing methods and focusing on the maximum quality possible.

The lot that is participating in the Cup of Excellence this year, Terracota’s first year participating and sending a sample, is the fruit of this work. It is a lot of the Catiguá MG2 variety, its first harvest, one of the exotic varieties Felipe planted. The processing method was as follows: the lot in question was the last to be harvested. It was washed and spent one day in raffia bags. Soon after this, it went to African beds on the part of the patio that is cooler and shaded. On the African beds, the coffee spent a long period of drying, extremely slowly, for 20 days. When it reached 15% humidity, it was stored in a shed for 20 days. Here it underwent what is called intermittent drying. Finally, drying was finished on the concrete patio to 11.2% humidity.

The lot presents sweetness, which is typical for the region, but it also brings fruity and floral nuances. This is very much due to the microclimate/terroir. The farm is at 1100 meters of elevation, and 100% surrounded by native forests, which provide a natural wind break. It also has a milder temperature than the rest of the areas.

Terracota respects the environment and maintains a healthy relationship with its workers, partners and society. It has Certifica Minas certification, which recognizes the good agricultural practices adopted during all cultivation and harvesting, and also enables traceability of its products. Terracota is currently obtaining 4C certification.

In addition to the social/environmental area, Felipe and his team are extremely concerned about quality control in order to maintain the excellence of their products. Thus, they have a fully equipped laboratory with a sample roaster, a humidity meter and equipment for cupping.

Felipe’s mother, Márcia, helps with operations and finances on the farm. She coordinates purchasing and also oversees quality and processing.

Rank: 18
Score: 87.47
Boxes: 8
Weight: 562.18
Variety: Catiguá MG2
Process: Natural
Region: Alta Mogiana

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