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History of the farm:
Acquired by Grupo Sertão in 1979 already with crops, new fields were planted, and new concrete patios were constructed. A washer, drying and processing machinery were installed. The farm is located in the South of Minas Gerais at the edge of the Serra da Mantiqueira, in the city of Carmo de Minas, 3 km from the city of Olimpio de Noronha, MG and 25 from Carmo de Minas itself.

Planting in the fields:
The fields, mainly the newest ones, come from seeds and seedlings chosen with the help and guidance of trained up-to-date agronomists, diversifying the varieties according to the soil in order to produce the highest quality coffee possible.

Harvest and professing of the coffee:
Due to the topography, the harvest is always done by hand over cloths so the coffee does not lose any quality. The beans are taken to Fazenda do Sertão, owned by the same group, immediately after being picked where they are washed, pulped and spread for drying to obtain a high-quality product. The coffee then goes to the dryer and from there to rest boxes, returns to the dryer and at 10.5% humidity, it goes to rest boxes for 30 days. Finally the coffee is processed and deposited at the cooperative where it is cupped and graded.

Concern about the environment:
Grupo Sertão is greatly concerned with the preservation of the environment. As such it preserves large areas of native forests and springs – riparian forests are thus preserved.

Social area:
13 families, comprising 35 registered workers and around 80 total people, live on Fazenda Santa Inês in houses built by the farm. There is complete infrastructure, with running water, electricity and a sewer system. The remaining families live in the city of Olímpio Noronha 3 km from the farm. In addition to their salaries, the families also receive milk, coffee, medicine, among others. Workers’ children who study have bus service several times a day that picks them up at the farm gate and takes them to school free of charge.

There are football pitches, a sand court and a mesh court for leisure and sport for the workers and their families.

This year a coffee pulper is being installed, the patios are being expanded and more rest boxes and granaries are being added. Following Grupo Sertão’s philosophy of continuously improving the quality of its coffees, frequent visits are made to various Brazilian and international entities to exchange experiences with other producers in the constant search for high coffee quality standards.

Concern about quality:
Grupo Sertão has dedicated itself year after year to differentiated coffee. They believe in and fight for excellent coffee quality and differentiated flavors in the cup of the general population. Since 2002, Grupo Sertãos farms have stood out in awards given by BSCA and Illy, demonstrating the results of hard work for the benefit of the entire Carmo de Minas microregion.

Rank: 14
Score: 87.75
Boxes: 11
Weight: 727.52
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Pulped Natural
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas

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