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10 Sitio Entre Vales



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Winner: honu加藤珈琲店株式会社

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Producer Diana de Souza Soares Moreira caught her passion for coffee from her husband, Kleomor Moreira. They have two small pieces of land and she began dedicating herself to producing coffee on this one hectare at Sítio Entre Vales.

They are first generation coffee producers. Kleomor has much experience, having worked with Mr. Antônio Rigno and today running Mr. Silvio Leite’s farm.

On this small plot, she sought to put into practice everything that Kleomor had learned, a great concern for quality, manual harvesting, ripeness levels, drying on shaded African beds. She believes that all of this knowledge is represented in this small lot of coffee.

This is the first time the producer has participated in a competition of this magnitude.

Rank: 10
Score: 86.06
Boxes: 12
Weight: 793.66
Variety: Catucaí 2SL
Process: Natural
Region: Chapada Diamantina

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