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The history of Nunes coffee began with livestock. For many years Osmar Pereira Nunes, the patriarch of the family, took care of the herd of cattle without imagining that the most valuable fruit of this region was still to be cultivated.

In 1984, precisely on November 24, Osmar Junior, better known as Juninho, planted 10 hectares of Arabica coffee in the soil of Cerrado Mineiro. Although his story began with his father's cattle, his passion for agriculture spoke louder, intensified by the influence of immigrants who came to invest in coffee in the lands of the state of Minas Gerais. In the following year, another 7 hectares increased the coffee plantation on Fazenda Freitas. Nowadays there are more than 400 hectares planted on the family’s 5 farms.

From then until the present, an unimaginable revolution has taken place in the countryside and continues with the palate of the global coffee consumer. Modern machines have developed planting, handling, harvesting and post-harvesting processes, resulting in agility and a better productivity. Deep knowledge and the desire the do more have brought the Nunes Coffee farms benefits from the way they are planted to the results in the cup. There are more than 20 varieties planted, modern, regenerative management, post-harvest processes that add to the fruit and create extremely special coffees. Coffee is no longer a commodity, but a spice, a product valued and appreciated worldwide.

Nunes Coffee has now the dedication and the same passion for coffee from the second generation, Juninho and Celinha’s children, Gabriel and Laura. Gabriel, 33, an agronomist educated at the renowned University of Viçosa. applies his knowledge to carry on and bring a more commercial vision to the family's business, focusing on developing processes to improve the quality of the beans. Laura, 30, participates on the group’s board of directors remotely. Together, the family works with passion and tenacity on the farms, uniting the traditions of the past with the innovations and technologies of new generations. Modernity demands quick decisions and brings immediate consequences. In the past, coffee was produced thinking only of volume; today, a farm’s social, environmental and financial pillars must be balanced for the business to prosper. Planting nowadays is ensuring quality, using correct soil management methods to reduce the use of agricultural inputs, being environmentally conscious and understanding what the market seeks during the harvest.

The coffees harvested at the Nunes Coffee farms are rated as among the best in the world. Winning national and international awards, including the Cup of Excellence in 2017, is recognition of the daily work and complete dedication of everyone involved in the processes. The team relies on Maria, Maria Aparecida and Daiane, who work in the fields and on the patios. Natália, a cafeteria chef, Luciene, a machine operator, and Celinha, the family matriarch responsible for the group’s finances. It is agreed that there is not a ready recipe for an award-winning harvest, so each year between 10% and 15% of the trees are renewed to ensure uniform, high-quality harvests. The Nunes Coffee farms are in a privileged region, with ideal altitude and little rain during the harvest. This naturally produces high-quality coffees, but more is needed to differentiate them to consumers. Thus they continue investing in technology, in perfecting crop management and also testing controlled fermentation processed to investigate the drink.

This lot of Catuaí 62, a finalist in Cup of Excellence Brazil 2022, was selectively machine harvested and underwent 60 hours of aerobic fermentation no concrete patios. Drying took place over 25 days, during which the coffee was manually raked.

The Nunes Coffee brand has much to offer, and believes that specialty coffees still have much market share to conquer in Brazil and around the world. Nunes Coffee is preparing for this future through hard work, family unity and the certainty that they are on the right path.

RA - RA_00009282105 valid until: 30/05/2023
NES - RCM003 valid until: 31/12/2022
RCM - 103 valid until: 13/10/2022
CP - F604808 valid until: 31/07/2023
4C - IMOBR300190611024 valid until: 31/10/2024

Rank: 8
Score: 88.75
Boxes: 12
Weight: 793.66
Variety: Yellow Catuaí 62
Process: Natural
Region: Cerrado Mineiro

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