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3b Fazenda Recanto



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Since 1988 Fazenda Recanto has produced very high-quality coffees in Serra do Salitre, in the Cerrado Mineiro region in the countryside of Minas Gerais. Along this path, the producers have improved their work and adopted better sustainability practices, respecting people and the environment. The business is managed by the family and all involved in production are extremely passionate about coffee.

The family is currently in its 3rd generation of producers and are run by Rafael Vinhal (37) and Lucas Vinhal (34), together with their parents Afonso Vinhal and Marcelia Vinhal. It is worth pointing out that Mrs. Marcelia is responsible for quality control of the most selected micro-lots.

The properties are certified by Rainforest Alliance, 4C and Certifica Minas, are credentialed by Starbucks and Nespresso and are proud members of BSCA.

Harnessing their affection for coffee growing and relying on an innovative system of artisan production, the producers make every effort to ensure that their coffees stand out, both on the Brazilian market and abroad. They are very proud of all the awards they have achieved in some of the most important coffee quality competitions in Brazil.

They are certain that their coffee really stands out for its extremely differentiated aromas and flavors.

Coffee processing system
- Natural, Anaerobic Fermentation:
- Mechanized harvest
- Selection of ripe cherries via washer
- Anaerobic fermentations: 120 hours
- Slow drying on African beds

Concern about quality
The farm has adopted several actions to promote the quality of the coffee produced, always aligned with sustainability, such as:
- Training for all workers on the property.
- Participation and involvement of the entire team on Quality Journeys.
- Periodic analyses of soil and leaves, monitoring of pests and diseases, seeking to reduce the use of pesticides.
- Continuous monitoring of preservation areas and legal reserves.
- Participation in community social projects.
- Management and control plans, awareness building among all workers and service providers regarding the rational use of water, energy and fuel.
- Selective harvest and correct disposal of 100% of waste generated on the farm and return of 100% of pesticide packaging.
- Good relationships and concern for the well-being of workers.

Rainforest Alliance IMA-G-000118, valid until 30/05/2023
4C IMOBR-30019-06-1-1024, valid until 31/10/2024

Rank: 3b
Score: 90.53
Boxes: 6
Weight: 396.83
Variety: Catucaí 2SL
Process: Natural
Region: Cerrado Mineiro

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