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2a Sitio Bonilha



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Winner: Kyokuto Fadie Corporation

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Sítio Bonilha is located at Fazenda Gerais in the city of Piatã, in the Chapada Diamantina region of the state of Bahia. The farm belonged to the producer’s great-grandparents, then his parents and nowadays he cares for a small part that he transformed into Sítio Bonilha where he began producing coffee.
For the lot participating in this competition, only ripe coffee cherries were picked and taken for drying on African beds in a greenhouse. After drying it was carefully warehoused in a suitable location.
The producer works with his family. His wife and children help, mainly with pulping the coffee and taking care of it on the patio.
In 2018 he placed seventh in the Cup of Excellence and his wife has placed among the best 20 lots three times in the 3 Corações Florada Premiada competition.

Rank: 2a
Score: 90.59
Boxes: 5
Weight: 363.76
Variety: Catuaí 144
Process: Pulped Natural
Region: Chapada Diamantina

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