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Martha Cecilia Camacho Calixto

Colombia Land of Diversity


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Martha and her family have been cultivating coffee for several years, following the recommendations of the extension service of the fnc regarding management, renovation, and crop technification. The farm is located in the municipality of curití, department of santander. Her family is the greatest motivation to keep going and the bond that her children have shown in cultivation in recent years, which has led them to innovate mainly in fermentation processes and planting other varieties in order to satisfy the tastes of the customers. As a coffee farmer, her vision is to maintain and, where possible, increase productivity, obtain a high-quality product, satisfy the needs or tastes of customers, and continue to advance in the market with her own brand of coffee.
Boxes: 6
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 317.46
Process: Washed - Double Long Fermentation
Region: Santander, Curití
Altitude: 2000 masl
Producer: Martha Cecilia Camacho Calixto
Fermentation: 41 hours
Farm Name: El Rodeo
Farm Size: 130.0 ha

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