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Beatriz Helena Velez Restrepo

Colombia Land of Diversity


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Beatriz Helena is a coffee grower, who together with her husband, have dedicated themselves to growing coffee on the Guayacanes farm for more than 50 years. She works with her daughter Lina Posada Vélez, who supports her in the administrative and commercial matters. In addition to producing coffee, she does social work with the "Hogar infantil niños del café" foundation, where 40 boys and girls between the ages of one and five are cared for. Among her plans is to improve the processing and drying infrastructure, acquire of a coffee milling equipment with manual selection table, strengthening her commercial relations and have greater social impact.
Boxes: 20
Variety: Caturra Chiroso
Weight: 1058.21
Process: Washed - Double Long Fermentation
Region: Antioquia, Concordia
Altitude: 1860 masl
Producer: Beatriz Helena Velez Restrepo
Fermentation: 120 hours
Farm Name: Guayacanes (El Tejar)
Farm Size: 11.0 ha

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