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Ana Milena Morera Otero

Colombia Land of Diversity


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Ana Milena Morera otero is a member of a traditional coffee-growing family. Two years ago she decided to work with processes to produce high quality coffees. It is a project where her husband and her children are linked. The results have been exceptional, always working for quality and providing the crop with good agronomic management. Along with growing coffee, she strives to take care of the surrounding flora and fauna. Ana Milena's goal is to reach loyal customers abroad who value her coffee.
Boxes: 10
Variety: Colombia
Weight: 529.1
Process: Washed - Long Fermentation
Region: Cauca, Piendamo
Altitude: 1600 masl
Producer: Ana Milena Morera Otero
Fermentation: 60 hours
Farm Name: Villa Luz
Farm Size: 14.0 ha

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