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Wet Fazenda Santo Antônio

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Luiza is 33 and is part of the 4th generation in a family with a long tradition of producing specialty coffees. She is the daughter of Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira, one of the brothers of the Sertão Group, and learned from her father and brothers how to run a coffee farm. Luiza grew up on the farm, left to study and returned to take her place in the family’s specialty coffee production chain. Today, in addition to running Fazenda Santo Antônio, she also helps create packaging, choosing and defining the coffees for the family’s roasted coffee brand.

Fazenda Santo Antônio’s coffees are processed at the headquarters at Fazenda Irmãs Pereira, which features infrastructure ready to offer the highest quality post-harvest processing. With quality machinery, African beds, a greenhouse with UV protection and constant concern about offering ever higher quality, the farm stands out for its innovation and advancements in coffee drying processes.

The coffee was picked by hand and then went through the washer to separate ripe beans. It was then pulped and dried on African beds. 

Boxes: 6
Score: 86.35
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 396.83
Process: Pulped Natural
Region: Mantiqueira De Minas
Rank: Wet

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