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Wet Fazenda Primavera

Brazil National Winners


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Winner: Wataru & Co., Ltd.

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Coffee processing system:
The plot is shaded by mahogany. The harvest is selective. The coffee is dried under the sun on African beds and only rests. The mucilage is not removed.

Concern about quality
The objective is to produce quality on a large scale. The processes are established, replicated and improved year after year. The farm constantly seeks to improve its quality. All steps involve the work of women, especialty the selective harvest, which is 100% carried out by women.

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance: RA_00060072111 validity 30 April 2024

Boxes: 10
Score: 85.76
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 694.46
Process: Honey
Region: Chapada De Minas
Rank: Wet

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