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Experimental Sítio Da Lagoa

Brazil National Winners


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Winner: Co.Seekers Roasters

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Sítio da Lagoa is run by the 3rd generation in the family and has been used for coffee production since 2020 when planting was done. The entire family is involved with managing the coffee processes: producer Elcimar, 29, his wife, Crislaine, 28, his parents, Laercio and Terezinha, and his brother, Michel, 31, and his wife, Rosangela.

The processing used for this coffee lot from the farm was black honey, being fermented and pulped. After the harvest, the coffee underwent a washing process which separated ripe cherries from green and dried ones. The selected ripe beans are placed in barrels for the next step. After 72 hours the fermentation is finished and the cherries go through the pulper to remove the peel. The drying process is next. The coffee is dried on the farm’s own patios, which are cleaned beforehand to maintain the quality of the beans. After drying the lot is sent for processing, where it rests in a granary for 10 days. Then it is taken for final processing where the beans are screened 16 up.

It is worth highlighting that at each processing step the quality of the beans is maintained.

Boxes: 6
Score: 86.97
Variety: Yellow Catucaí
Weight: 396.83
Process: Black Honey
Region: Mantiqueira De Minas
Rank: Experimental

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