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1N Ahmed Abdu Ahmed Al-Salami

Sheba Coffee


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Winner: AW Roast Alliance

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Ahmed Abdu Ahmed Al-Salami, a former government employee, returned to Al-Hayma due to Yemen’s challenging circumstances. He now cultivates exceptional coffee. At 50, he resides in Bait Hujairah, Al- Hayma, with his large family: six sons and seven daughters. His eldest son, Ayman, is his trusted farming partner. While Ayman excels in coffee cultivation, Ahmed’s other sons, Muhammad, Mutaher, Ayman, and Abd al-Salam, provide crucial support in constructing farm structures. Ahmed’s journey from government work to coffee farming in Al-Hayma is a heartfelt tale of dedication and family involvement, producing some of Yemen’s finest coffee.
Boxes: 3
Score: 91.5
Variety: Udaini
Weight: 51
Process: Natural
Region: AL Hayma
Village: Bait Hujairah
Altitude: 2200
Lot Type: Single Producer
Drying Days: 25-30 days
Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Lime, Red Currant
Process Information: Freshly picked ripe cherries are first placed onto the raised beds in our greenhouse for a short period to dry, removing any additional water weight. The semi-dried coffee cherries are removed from the greenhouse and placed in hermetic bags to allow for a short fermentation period. The cherries are removed from their bags and returned to the greenhouse’s raised beds, slowly drying the cherries and enhances the lots unique cup profile. For the final drying session, the cherries are moved to our processing hub’s raised beds for a short period to be dried under direct sunlight.

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