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19 Sumava de Lourdes

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Winner: Ontheup International Co., Ltd.

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My journey in coffee production began unexpectedly through a recommendation from a friend from the Czech Republic. It was thanks to that connection that I had the opportunity to meet someone involved in a coffee farm called "Sumava de Lourdes." This recommendation and the trust that was built from it led us to co-lead this farm, which now holds a very special place in our lives.

As a coffee producer, one of the biggest challenges I have faced is the extremely harsh climate in the area where our farm is located, at an altitude of 1600 to 1700 meters above sea level. Strong winds and low temperatures have been significant obstacles. However, we have learned to adapt and overcome these challenges through our dedication and perseverance.

The story behind our farm, Sumava de Lourdes, goes back 9 years when we received a visit from a passionate coffee enthusiast from the Czech Republic. This enthusiast invited us to participate in this farm, and since then, we have wholeheartedly committed ourselves to it.

What sets us apart as coffee producers is our passion, dedication, perseverance, and patience. These values are reflected in every aspect of our work, from the care of the plants to the processing of the coffee. Additionally, we strive to be fair in all our relationships, applying principles of meritocracy and treating all individuals with equity.

In terms of initiatives, we take pride in having obtained the Rainforest Alliance Certification. This certification demonstrates our commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible agricultural practices.

Regarding our long-term vision, our goal is to continue learning about our farm and its terroir, making the most of the unique characteristics of our region. We wish to keep improving and contributing to the coffee industry, sharing our knowledge and experiences with other producers.

In summary, my story as a coffee producer is marked by the fortuitous connection with the Sumava de Lourdes farm through a recommendation. Despite the climatic challenges, our passion and commitment have allowed us to overcome obstacles and strive for excellence in every cup of coffee we produce. Our values of fairness and meritocracy guide our way of working, and we seek to support the community and protect the environment through our certified practices. Our vision is to continue learning and contributing to the world of coffee, making the most of our farm's potential and sharing our passion with other coffee lovers.

Boxes: 6.0
Score: 89.08
Variety: SL28
Weight: 300
Process: Yellow Honey
Region: West Valley
Rank: 19
Cupping Notes: Very sweet aroma, flavors of white wine and caramel, thin body, and a long caramel aftertaste.
Farm Name: Ladera Alesia

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