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My story as a coffee producer is rooted in a family heritage. From a young age, my father instilled in us the love and value of this beautiful activity. His passion and dedication to coffee sparked a deep inspiration in me to follow in his footsteps and continue this tradition.

One of the greatest challenges I have faced as a coffee producer is dealing with the low market prices. To overcome this situation, we have made the decision to add value to our coffee through in-house processing. This strategy has allowed us to differentiate ourselves and offer a unique and quality product.

The story of our farm dates back to our father's inheritance, who passed down this precious land to us. From a very young age, he taught us the value of hard work and shared his knowledge and experience in coffee cultivation. The farm has been in our family for generations, and we are committed to its care and preservation.

What sets me apart as a coffee producer is the passion and dedication I put into my daily work. Every day, I strive to produce the best coffee beans, paying attention to every detail from cultivation to harvest and processing. Additionally, the location of our farm in a privileged area adds a special touch to our beans, offering unique flavors and distinctive characteristics.

My core values as a coffee producer are honesty, integrity, passion, and a constant pursuit of quality. These values are reflected in every aspect of my work and how I treat my workers. I aim to create a respectful work environment where each person feels valued and motivated to give their best.

On our farm, we have implemented a special initiative to support the local community. We have created a sports plaza that is available to the community, offering a space for recreational activities and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, during the coffee harvesting season, we provide favorable conditions to our pickers, ensuring they have the necessary comforts to perform their work.

My long-term vision for our farm is to produce the finest coffee in Costa Rica and, why not, worldwide. I want to contribute to the prestige that our country's coffee has gained over the years, ensuring that every cup of coffee served carries the excellence and unique flavor that characterizes our farm.

My dream is for my work as a coffee producer to be recognized and valued, and to be part of the history and legacy of coffee in our country. I yearn to continue learning and refining my skills, to carry on this family tradition and make a positive impact on the coffee industry.

Boxes: 4.0
Score: 89.21
Variety: SL28
Weight: 200
Process: Red Honey
Region: West Valley
Rank: 17
Cupping Notes: Fruit aromas, flavors of grapes, cherry, and rum, with a very good body and a jelly-like aftertaste.
Farm Name: El Monte

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