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15 Granitos Altura del Ortíz

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Winner: Cloudpink (Center Coffee Korea)

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My story as a coffee producer began at a very young age, inspired by my father's dedication to cultivating this precious bean. From the age of 11, I watched in admiration as he worked tirelessly in the plantations and felt a deep connection to the process. It was then that I decided to join him and embark on this exciting journey.

One of the biggest challenges I have faced as a coffee producer is starting in such an important industry at such a young age. As I grew older, I learned and acquired knowledge about this valuable bean. Every day, I encounter new lessons and experiences that help me overcome these challenges and grow as a coffee producer.

The story of my farm or coffee plantation holds a very special meaning to me. At the age of 15, I received a very special gift from my parents: a small plot of coffee. It was a gift that symbolized my entry into adulthood, as turning 15 is a significant milestone in my country. From that moment, coffee cultivation became a fundamental part of our family, and we have grown and cared for our farm with love and dedication.

What sets me apart as a coffee producer is my youth in an industry dominated by men. This drives me to prove that passion and love for this bean have no gender. Furthermore, our beans are special due to various factors, such as the coffee variety we cultivate, the altitude of our plantations, the climate in which they thrive, the careful process of harvesting, drying, and storage, and above all, the love with which we work every day.

My core values and principles as a coffee producer are based on respect, responsibility, honesty, transparency, and dedication. These values are reflected in my work and the way I treat my collaborators. On our farm, we have created a friendly and responsible work environment where every member of our team feels valued and respected.

Additionally, we have implemented a special program on our farm to support the local community and improve the living conditions of our employees. We strive to offer fair wages and appropriate working conditions to ensure that our families and employees have a good quality of life.

My long-term vision for our farm is to continue working on producing quality coffee. I want to continue delighting all the consumers who support our coffee, providing them with an exceptional experience in every cup. My goal is to follow in the footsteps of my parents, working with dedication and commitment, to carry on a family legacy and make a significant contribution to the coffee industry.

This is my story as a coffee producer, a tale of passion, resilience, and love for this wonderful bean. Through my work, I hope to convey the essence and excellence of coffee to all those who enjoy this special beverage.

Boxes: 6.0
Score: 89.42
Variety: SL28
Weight: 300
Process: Gold Honey
Region: Tarrazu
Rank: 15
Cupping Notes: Aromas of mandarin and fruits, flavors of red grape and sugarcane, with a good body and a maple sirop aftertaste.
Farm Name: Joice

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