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My story as a coffee producer is deeply rooted in my family and the passion passed down from generation to generation. My inspiration comes from the legacy of my grandfather and father, who dedicated their lives to coffee production. Following their examples and motivated by their success, I decided to venture into this exciting industry.

One of the greatest challenges I have faced as a coffee producer is achieving profitability in the business. I recognize that it requires significant investment and careful management to ensure that each step is profitable. However, with determination and perseverance, I am committed to finding creative and efficient solutions that allow me to achieve that goal.

The story of my farm, named El Manantial, dates back approximately thirty years when it was acquired by my family. Initially, it was dedicated to dairy farming, but due to the topography of the land and the low profitability of that activity, my father made the brave decision to switch to coffee cultivation in the year 2000. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to develop our plantation and turn it into a benchmark of quality.

What sets me apart as a coffee producer is my dedication and love for this activity. I pay attention to every detail, from selecting coffee varieties to the processing methods, adding value to our beans. This dedication and focus on quality make our beans unique and special, providing an exceptional experience to those who enjoy our coffee.

My core values and principles as a coffee producer are based on tradition and respect for the environment. Valuing family traditions, I seek well-being and sustainability, conserving natural resources and paving the way for the next generation. Additionally, I treat my collaborators with the utmost respect and consideration, recognizing their valuable contribution to our work.

On my farm, we have implemented the "Rainforest Alliance" certification as part of our commitment to conservation and sustainability. This initiative not only supports environmental protection in our community but also ensures fair and dignified treatment of all individuals who work on the farm.

My long-term vision for my farm is to continue developing better coffee quality, constantly seeking to improve our processes to strive for better prices in the market. My biggest dream is to expand our reach and start exporting our coffee, sharing our passion and dedication with coffee lovers around the world.

This is my story as a coffee producer, a story of tradition, dedication, and a firm commitment to quality and sustainability. Through each cup of coffee enjoyed, I hope to convey the passion and love we put into every stage of our work, thereby contributing to the growth and excellence of the coffee industry.

Boxes: 2.0
Score: 89.46
Variety: Villa Sarchi
Weight: 100
Process: Natural
Region: Chirripo
Rank: 14
Cupping Notes: Fruit aromas, flavors of grapes, cherry, and rum, with a very good body and a jelly-like aftertaste.
Farm Name: El Manantial RA

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