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My story as a coffee producer began when I recognized the exceptional quality of coffee in my region. I was inspired by this richness and decided to dedicate myself to coffee cultivation with passion and determination. Throughout my journey, I have faced various challenges, but the most significant one is the one I am currently experiencing. Harvests have been affected by climatic factors, resulting in low yields and increased production costs. However, I have learned to overcome these obstacles with perseverance and by seeking innovative solutions.

The history of my farm dates back thirty years when it was acquired by my family. Coffee cultivation on this farm began in 2008, and since then, we have worked diligently to develop a crop of exceptional quality coffee. The strategic location of the farm, along with the coffee varieties we cultivate and our dedication and constant assistance, make our beans unique and special.

As a coffee producer, my core values and principles revolve around valuing the natural resources available on my farm. I strive to produce efficiently and sustainably, conserving the environment and caring for the available resources. Additionally, I treat my collaborators with the utmost respect and consideration, providing them with a favorable working environment and acknowledging their significant contribution.

I have implemented good agricultural practices on my farm, which allows me to support the conservation of the flora and fauna in my community. Through these initiatives, we aim to preserve the natural environment and contribute to the overall well-being of the local community.

My long-term vision for my farm is to achieve clean and organized coffee cultivation, reducing the impact of climate change as much as possible. I aspire for coffee farming to secure not only my future but also that of my family. My dream is to continue growing exceptional quality coffee and be recognized as a reference in the industry, contributing to the growth and development of the coffee sector.


Boxes: 2.0
Score: 89.75
Variety: SL28
Weight: 100
Process: Double Fully Washed
Region: Chirripo
Rank: 12
Cupping Notes: Sweet and elegant aroma, with flavors of red apple and green tea, an elegant body, and a lingering aftertaste with notes of maple sirop.
Farm Name: El Cerro RA

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