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My story as a coffee producer goes back to my childhood, as I belong to the third generation of a coffee-growing family. Since I was a child, I grew up surrounded by coffee plantations and learned the secrets of coffee production. I always knew that coffee was a highly valued product worldwide, and I decided to take a step forward by processing our own coffee and adding value to it.

The biggest challenge I have faced as a coffee producer was the pandemic. The uncertainty experienced during that time was overwhelming, and we had to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances. Despite the difficulties, we found a way to overcome this challenge by keeping our focus on the quality of our coffee and seeking new opportunities in the market.

The story behind our farm, PIE-SAN, dates back 13 years. We acquired it using the earnings from our annual harvests, with a firm conviction to find a land with exceptional potential and high-quality standards. It was a significant investment for us, but we were willing to bet on excellence in coffee.

What sets us apart as coffee producers is the combination of factors such as the quality of our soils, the altitude of our plantations, the coffee varieties we cultivate, and the meticulous care we provide to the fruits. We believe that the love and care we put into our crops are reflected in the final cup of coffee, creating an exceptional experience for those who taste it.

Our core values and principles include faith in God, loyalty, honesty, and understanding that we are part of a production chain where every link is important. We value each collaborator, from the humblest to those who enjoy a cup of our coffee. We recognize the importance of providing fair wages to our workers and strive to ensure that their families have a good quality of life.

Additionally, we have a commitment to our local community. We implement special initiatives and programs on our farm to support the community and improve the living conditions of our employees. We take pride in being able to provide livelihoods to many local families and promote growth and learning in different areas.

Regarding our long-term vision, we aspire to continue improving and producing high-quality coffee. We dedicate our efforts to researching new processes and varieties that keep us at the forefront of the global coffee industry. We want to stay at the cutting edge of the industry and be recognized as exceptional coffee producers. Our dream is to contribute to the world of coffee and remain a legacy for future generations.

In summary, my story as a coffee producer is based on my upbringing in a coffee-growing family and my passion for coffee. I decided to add value to a product that I knew was highly valued worldwide. Despite the challenges, we remain focused on excellence and the quality of our coffee. We have overcome obstacles, such as the pandemic, and continue to work hard to stay at the top of the industry. We value our principles of faith, loyalty, and honesty, and strive to treat our collaborators with respect and provide them with a fair working environment. Furthermore, our farm, PIE-SAN, represents a significant investment and a commitment to the exceptional quality and potential of our region. Our long-term goal is to keep improving, researching, and producing high-quality coffee to maintain our position at the elite level of the coffee world. We aim to leave a lasting legacy and make a meaningful contribution to the coffee industry.

Boxes: 3.0
Score: 89.83
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 150
Process: Red Honey
Region: Tarrazu
Rank: 10
Cupping Notes: Dark fruit aromas, flavors of blackberry and peach, with a full-bodied profile and a dark cocoa aftertaste.
Farm Name: Pie Sam

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