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My story as a coffee producer began with the inspiration of fruit coffee prices and the possibility ofadding value to our product. A few years ago, I decided to embark on this project with the aim ofbenefiting myfamily. As we delved into this industry, we realized the challenges that lay ahead.The biggest challenge I have faced as a coffee producer has been financing the harvests andattending to the farms while waiting for the coffee to be sold and paid for. Additionally, theincrease in fertilizer prices and the need to stay updated and reinvent ourselves in a demandingmarket have also been significant challenges. However, we have overcome these obstacles withdetermination and adaptability.The story behind our coffee farm goes back to when I, Ricardo Calderón, was 20 years old. At thattime, I started planting my first 300 coffee plants. I inherited some small plots of land from myparents, which allowed me to embark on this coffee adventure. Over the years, we have workedas a family team, providing each other with support and dedication.What sets us apart as coffee producers is our focus on teamwork and mutual support.Additionally, we have been innovative in choosing different coffee varieties, which has beencrucial to the success of our coffee. We believe that these aspects are what make our beansunique and special.Our core values and principles as coffee producers are based on teamwork, respect, and love forwhat we do. We believe that working with loveis the key to success and strive to treat ourworkers with dignity and fairness.As for our long-term vision, we will always strive to offer an excellent quality product combinedwith innovation. We want to be recognized for the quality of our coffee andcontinue to find waysto improve and meet the changing demands of the market.In summary, my story as a coffee producer began with the inspiration of adding value to fruitcoffee and benefiting my family. Over the years, we have faced financial and adaptabilitychallenges, but we have overcome these obstacles through teamwork and innovation. Our valuesare based on respect, love, and dignity towards our workers, and our long-term vision is to offerexcellent quality coffee linked to innovation.
Boxes: 3.0
Score: 90.04
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 150
Process: Red Honey
Region: Tarrazu
Rank: 7
Cupping Notes: Floral and fruity aromas, flavors of orange and spices, and very elegant.
Farm Name: Don Cayito

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