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My coffee producer story is deeply rooted in a family tradition that goes back generations. Since my childhood, I was inspired and guided by the work, dedication, love, and perseverance of my family in coffee production.Watching my father and ancestors cultivate and care for the plantations ignited a passion and desire in me to follow in their footsteps.I started getting involved in agricultural work at the age of 13, helping my father in the field. As I grew older, I learned the ins and outs of coffee cultivation and developed practical skills in the production process. Eventually, I planted my own coffee plantation, embarking on my journey as a producer. The biggest challenge I have faced as a coffee producer has been staying in the business over time.I encountered significant challenges such as high input costs and the effects of climate change on our plantations. However, I overcame these challenges by implementing good agricultural practices that elevated the quality of the coffee and contributed to environmental care.Additionally, I implemented a traceability system for the product to ensure its excellence.The history of my coffee farm dates back to 1983 when my father acquired a piece of land through a family inheritance. Two years later, we began planting the first coffee plants, and as the harvests became a reality, we joined the Santa María de Dota cooperative as partners, delivering our entire production to them.In 2003, my wife inherited another piece of land dedicated to coffee production, and we decided to combine our productions for better results. We implemented an Integrated Didactic Farm in2007, which allowed us to manage the soil sustainably and develop organic matter. Additionally, in2010, we received support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to acquire a micro-beneficiary, enabling us to become independent and sell our golden grain coffee for export.What sets us apart as coffee producers is our passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence in everything we do. We value every detail of the production process and strive to ensure that each stage is carried out with excellence. Our coffee stands out for its high quality, a result of our sustainable agricultural practices and the privileged geographical location that promotes fruit productivity. My core values and principles as a coffee producer are reflected in my way of working and treating my workers. We value teamwork, ethics, positive social impact, and excellence in every area of thbusiness. We believe in providing a safe and conducive work environment and strive to improve the quality of life for our employees and their families.We have implemented agronomic management that prioritizes low chemical load and the reduction of carbon emissions, which has earned us the Nama Café certification. Additionally, we have raised awareness among our staff about good agricultural practices and provided them with appropriate equipment for each activity. We also foster a positive work environment and provide frequent incentives to our collaborators. Regarding our long-term vision, we aim to increase production volume while always maintaining high quality. Furthermore, we have the goal of venturing into new exotic coffee varieties, offering a unique experience to our customers. We strive to provide comprehensive and specialized service in coffee processing, maintaining complete traceability of each batch, and meeting the expectations of our consumers.Every day, we work with dedication and passion at Farami farm, honoring our family heritage and seeking to leave a legacy in the coffee industry. We take pride in being recognized for our sustainable practices, the quality of our coffee, and our positive impact on the local community.We will continue to drive the quality of our beans, share knowledge, and contribute to the growth and development of the coffee industry.This is my story as a coffee producer, full of tradition, values, and a constant commitment to excellence. I am excited about the future and the opportunities that await us, and I will continue to work hard to make Farami
Boxes: 6.0
Score: 90.42
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 300
Process: Red Honey
Region: Tarrazu
Rank: 5

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