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Winner: Nanjing Eco Farm Trading Co., Ltd.

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My story as a coffee producer began with a deep inspiration rooted in family tradition and my region. I have always felt a special connection with coffee, but it was when I had the opportunity to process our own beans that I found the ultimate inspiration. In 1990, we started our farm as coffee producers and dedicated ourselves exclusively to this activity for several years.However, in 2015, we decided to take it a step further and began processing our own coffee. It was a crucial moment in my journey in the coffee industry, as I acquired knowledge and fully immersed myself in this exciting field.The biggest challenge I have faced as a coffee producer has been dealing with constant and unpredictable factors such as weather, coffee varieties, quality, and plantation management.Additionally, economic aspects have also posed a significant challenge that has affected both coffee production and the quality of life on my farm. However, thanks to the unity within my family and making sound administrative decisions, we have overcome these challenges year after year. It is important to highlight that having the support of companies like Exclusive Coffee and theEEVC program has been crucial in achieving the desired stability.The history of our farm dates back to 1990 when we acquired it. At that time, the farm was primarily dedicated to livestock breeding. That's when we decided to start planting coffee indifferent areas of the farm. Three years later, we harvested our first crop, which we delivered to CoopeDota. However, in 2015, we took another step and began processing our own harvest. Since then, our farm has undergone constant changes, always in search of continuous improvement. We have tried new varieties, implemented new practices, and explored new processes, all with the goal of achieving the best results and providing maximum traceability and sustainability in our coffee. What sets us apart as coffee producers is our strong commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the ecosystem in which we operate. We have managed to establish an agroforestry system for our coffee production and implemented good practices in the cultivation process. Thanks to these efforts, we have obtained certifications such as "Esencial Costa Rica,"Nama Café (low-emission coffee), and the Savegre Biosphere Reserve (home to the cleanest river in Central America). Furthermore, the active participation of my family in the project adds a unique touch to our coffee. The new generations of our family are at the forefront of specialty coffee production, seeking to provide a unique and lasting experience. All these actions together are reflected in the quality and uniqueness of our coffee beans.My core values and principles as a coffee producer are based on humility, honesty, persistence, and the desire for self-improvement. These principles were instilled in me from a young age, and as I grew older, I turned them into the foundation of my decisions as a coffee producer. These principles are reflected in my way of working and how I treat my workers. I always strive to maintain an amicable relationship and mutual respect with them, ensuring their well-being and guaranteeing the necessary conditions for a good quality of life. Adhering to the schedules established by the country's legislation and listening to their needs and suggestions are fundamental aspects of my approach as an employer. Additionally, we have implemented special initiatives on our farm to support the local community and improve the living conditions of our employees. We collaborate with local ventures related to rural tourism and reforestation programs. We have also provided micro-roasting services to the community and worked in collaboration with university students, supporting them in the development of their projects.As for my long-term vision, my main goal is to generate a quality of life for both my family and my collaborators. I aim to establish coffee lots with different high-quality and productive varieties, always with a sustainable focus. I also aspire to find a very specific market that supports this vision. Additionally, I have the dream of turning our farm into a tourist center, where people can learn about the coffee industry while disconnecting from their daily routines. I want to provide a unique experience, called "Sol Naciente" (Rising Sun), to our customers, just as we have always dreamed. In this envisioned coffee tourism center, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the entire coffee production process, from planting and harvesting to processing and brewing.They will learn about the rich history and cultural significance of coffee in our region, as well as the sustainable practices we employ on our farm. Through guided tours and interactive experiences, we aim to educate and inspire coffee enthusiasts while showcasing the beauty of our natural surroundings. Furthermore, I envision collaborating with local communities and organizations to promote social and economic development in the region. By supporting initiatives such as educational programs, infrastructure improvements, and fair trade practices, we strive to create a positive impact beyond our farm's borders.Ultimately, my journey as a coffee producer has been driven by passion, dedication, and a deep respect for the traditions and environment that shape our craft. I am grateful for the opportunities and support that have allowed me to pursue this path, and I remain committed to producing exceptional coffee while fostering sustainability and positive change in our community
Boxes: 2.0
Score: 90.54
Variety: Casiopea
Weight: 100
Process: Natural
Region: Tarrazu
Rank: 4
Cupping Notes: Intense dark fruit aromas, flavors of plum and liqueurs, good body, with a lingering fruit aftertaste and pleasant sweetness.
Farm Name: Sol Naciente

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