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My story in coffee production dates back three generations, when my family began dedicating themselves to this noble craft. For four generations, the Umaña family has cultivated and produced coffee in our region, and I am the proud heir of this tradition. However, unlike my predecessors, my focus has been on adding value to the coffee through careful processing.One of the greatest challenges I have faced as a coffee producer is combating pests that threaten our plantations. Through hard work and continuous learning, we have managed to overcome these challenges by implementing innovative techniques and staying up-to-date with advancements in agriculture. Another significant challenge we face is the volatility in coffee prices, but we have found ways to overcome it by adding value to our beans.Our farms have not been acquired easily; they are the result of hard work and seizing opportunities that have come our way in life. Each farm represents a family treasure, and we have nurtured and preserved these lands with dedication and love.What sets us apart as coffee producers is our passion for the work we do. Additionally, we are blessed to have farms located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, which is ideal for cultivating high-quality coffee. We always strive for continuous improvement in our plantations and in the processing stage, never ceasing to explore new ways to perfect our production.Our core values as coffee producers are based on respect, both towards people and the land that provides for us. We believe that without respect for everything that surrounds us, nothing functions as it should. We always make an effort to show gratitude to those who lend us a helping hand and assist us on our journey.At our farm, we have implemented programs to ensure that the quality of life for our workers is as rewarding as possible. We recognize that without their dedication and hard work, the production and harvesting of coffee would not be possible. We value our employees and strive to create an enriching and positive work environment.Our long-term vision and dream in the coffee industry are to maintain the enthusiasm and passion we have for our work. We do not settle for the status quo; we always seek to learn and grow as we face new challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to remain innovative and industry leaders, providing exceptional quality products and contributing to the development and advancement of this exciting industry.
Boxes: 1.7
Score: 90.54
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Weight: 85
Process: Natural
Region: Tarrazu
Rank: 4
Cupping Notes: Dark fruit aroma, flavors of black grape, plum, and raisins, excellent body, and a panela aftertaste.
Farm Name: La Granadilla

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