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My story as a coffee producer began in my childhood, surrounded by the coffee-growing tradition of my family. Since I was a child, I spent my school and college vacations harvesting coffee and sharing moments with other families who collaborated in the harvest. This way of life was ingrained in me and my family, and I wanted to find a way to sustain it. That's when I decided to venture into coffee processing through a Micro Mill.I faced several challenges on my journey as a coffee producer. The biggest one was the economic aspect, as coffee prices tended to be low and volatile. However, thanks to the processing facility we implemented, we managed to improve and stabilize prices. I also introduced new practices, such as teaching harvesters to pick only fully ripe fruit, experimenting with new exotic varieties, and cultivating in challenging farm locations.My farm is located in a cattle farming area at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level, which presents significant challenges for coffee cultivation. It was acquired in the 1980s by Tuto Gamboa and has been a part of our family ever since.What sets me apart as a coffee producer is my commitment to quality, my passion, and love for cultivation. I even talk to the plants to coax out the best possible coffee, something I consider fundamental in my process.My core values as a coffee producer revolve around trust and perseverance. To me, trust and friendship with my workers are vital aspects at Montes de Oro, my farm.In terms of special initiatives, we have implemented diverse crop plantings on the farm, which allows us to share with our permanent workers and strengthen community bonds.My long-term vision for my farm is to stabilize production and further enhance coffee quality.Additionally, I dream of developing agrotourism on the farm, so that both workers and coffee buyers can enjoy and unite in their passion for this delightful beverage.That's how my story as a coffee producer has unfolded thus far. I take pride in preserving the family tradition and working with passion in this unique industry.
Boxes: 1.0
Score: 91.50
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 50
Process: Fully Washed
Region: Tarrazu
Rank: 1
Cupping Notes: Intense floral aroma, flavors of blueberries and lime, with a delicate body and a lingering, sweet panela aftertaste.
Farm Name: El Yasal

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