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Coffee Cherry Co-Ferm. Hamasho

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As the name suggests, Coffee Cherry Co-Fermentation is combining the freshly peeled cherry skin with the mucilage-rich parchment and fermenting the batch together for a targeted outcome. Coffee Cherry Co- Fermentation implements a holistic maximizing of cultures from the coffee’s own cherry and mucilage itself, almost like if you could have a natural processed but washed coffee. Tends to be vibrant, sweetly tart and expressive,
Boxes: 28.0
Score: 90.15
Variety: 74158
Weight: 1851.9
Process: Washed
Region: Bensa, Sidama
Washing Station: Hamasho
Cupping Notes: Ginger liqueur, cachaça, lemon simple syrup, peaches and cream, guava
Full Varietal List: 74/110, Setami

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