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72 Hr Fermentation, Yaye

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The air in the Yaye site is so clean, so fresh, that it is almost bracing, breath by breath. No surprise then that the 72-hour Extended Fermentation Yaye Chericho lot carries crisp floral, botanical, fruited, and citrus notes of geraniums, elderflower tonic, Granny Smith, lemon meringue, and candied mango. These coffee beans will be some of the smallest screen sized Ethiopian coffee you’ve seen in your life. We actually have to screen size these with extreme caution and significantly slow down the process flow at the dry mill, as there are not any properly sized screens in all of Ethiopia that can accommodate these tiny coffees - screens mostly 11, 12 and 13. This concentration of small screen sizes is due to the intensely high altitude of the farms where smallholder producers harvest their cherries in Arbegona, Sidama. That is, between 2230-2600 MASL. They will also be some of the sweetest, having fought for nutrients and ripened slowly. Coffee is actually new to this part of Arbegona, as climatic shifts have created more stable diurnal temperatures in these very high elevation areas. This is in fact only the second harvest season this area has seen. Brace yourself for stunning botanicals and lovely tropical fruits.
Boxes: 24.0
Score: 89.81
Variety: 74158
Weight: 1587.3
Process: Washed
Region: Arbegona, Sidama
Washing Station: Yaye
Cupping Notes: Geraniums, elderflower tonic, Granny Smith, lemon meringue, candied mango
Full Varietal List: 74/110, 74/160, 74/165, Setami

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