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Layered Fermentation Dumerso

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Yirgacheffe has a visceral scent. Anyone who has ever held and roasted Yirgacheffe coffee will know precisely what we mean. You leave Dilla, the bustling administrative capitol city of Gedeo Zone and head south into lands that are rich with nutrients from ancient volcanic deposits, where incredible biodiversity thrives. A land where self-sustaining smallholder gardeners cultivate their own little Edens, even amongst the densest population of the SNNPR region. You bounce around in the car or bus, making as much mileage side to side as forward. After the path slightly levels you out on your ride, you are overtaken by the overwhelming aromas of green enset plants, eucalyptus trees, sweetlysharp coffee pulp and the occasional waft of frankincense. You have just entered the heartbeat of Ethiopia’s coffee lands, Yirgacheffe—the “land of many springs”. The Layered Fermentation process (which, as we discussed earlier, carefully creates strata of enzymatic reactions in a single fermentation tank) amps up the classic combination of bergamot, florality, and crisp fruit, resulting in notes of nectarine, dried apricot, golden kiwi, chardonnay, and earl grey tea. This Layered Fermentation Dumerso is a shimmering example of why Yirgacheffe coffees are highly prized by buyers.
Boxes: 32.0
Score: 88.66
Variety: Kurume
Weight: 2116.4
Process: Washed
Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedeo
Washing Station: Dumerso
Cupping Notes: Nectarine, dried apricot, golden kiwi, chardonnay, earl grey
Full Variety LIst: Kurume, Dega, Wolisho, 74112, 74110, 74165, 74157

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