Auction Agreement for Honduras - National Winners 2022 - August 8 - 19

Payment and Shipping Requirements for Honduras

ACE National Winner Internet Auction


The 2022 ACE National Winner Sales Platform is sponsored by The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc. (ACE) and Instituto Hondureno del Café (IHCAFE). If assistance is required immediately following the auction please contact, darrin@cupofexcellence.org, david@kathia@cupofexceIIence.org, nestor.meneses@gmaiI.com or hannah@cupofexcellence.org


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions


Your participation in this auction indicates your review and agreement to the following terms. Should you purchase any ACE National Winner coffee at this auction you agree to the terms and condifions of purchase and shipping included in this agreement. Any buyer of any ACE National Winner coffee through the auction or through a secondary channel agrees to the use and restrictions of the ACE National Winner° mark. Any misuse of this mark may be cause for legal proceedings.


Coffee Lots


The 4 coffee lots being offered for sale as ACE National Winners through this internet auction have scored 85+ by the international jury during the final stage of the Cup of Excellence competition. The designated coffees were blindly cupped throughout the month of June, 2022 by a panel of COE experienced cuppers designated by ACE in Global Coffee Centers (GCC) around the world.


Bidding for these lots is only available through the ACE National Winner Platform on the Alliance for Coffee Excellence website. Each lot is separate and distinct. Samples have been made available. It is the responsibility of the bidder to determine quality and appropriate value.


Packing Information


The Honduras National Winners coffees are vacuum packed in cartons each containing 2 (two) 15kg bags. Successful bidders will be charged $.20 (twenty cents) per pound mandatory fee for vacuum packing. Bidding calculations and vacuum packing fee are based on actual pounds after milling and packing the coffees. The number of 30kg boxes as well as the weight in pounds will be shown.


Financial Responsibility for Payment


The individual bidder placing the highest bid at the close of the auction is responsible for the financial payment to the M-CuItivo of the entire lot. Individual bids once accepted by the auction software, may not be revoked or withdrawn. M-CuItivo may approve multiple payments and multiple shipping instructions for a single lot but only if the successful bidder requests the approval and submits all of the shipping instructions within 7 days of the auction. If the exporter or the country partner denies the request for any reason the bidder will be held liable for the entire payment regardless of group purchase. If a lot is split and sent to more than one destination the buyer will be responsible for any additional costs or fees associated with that export.


It is expected by the lead bidder in the auction to collaborate with the M-CuItivo facilitating communication and expediting the payment process in the case any setbacks regarding payment or complications in communicating with other buyers from the group are encountered.


Payment Requirements


Once the auction is over, the buyer must go through the checkout process on the M-CuItivo1 platform. Enter the shipping information, select a shipping option and provide the payment method. For further information and guidance regarding the checkout and payment process please contact David Paparelli (david@mcultivo.com)


Full payment of the lot(s)and the packing fee(s) is required prior to shipment unless other requests are made in writing and approved in advance. Cash against documents must also be approved in advance of the auction. Prepayment of the lot is required if moved to another exporter to be shipped. Shipment, quality and delivery responsibility will revert to the new exporter.


Full payment is due 30 (thirty) days after the close of the auction regardless of ship date or method. A minimum 5% monthly late fee may be charged for any lots not paid within 30 days.


Shipping Requirements


Shipping instructions are to be sent to M-CuItivo within 7 (seven) days of the close of the auction by the successful bidder or the bidder’s designated importer. Bidders can nominate any

1 M-CuItivo provides technology services to digitalize coffee supply chains, offering opportunities to compete in the global marketplace. CoE/ACE have partnered with M-Cultivo to launch a new auction platform.                                                            

importer. A cooperating importer is recommended. These can be found on the ACE website at www.aIIianceforcoffeeexceIIence.org


All Lots must be shipped within 45 days of the auction. No claim may be made to the exporter, farmer, Alliance for Coffee Excellence or IHCAFE on any ACE National Winner lot shipped after 45 days.


ACE National Winner lots for Honduras are shipped FOB (for Sea shipping) or FCA (for Air shipping), net weight and applicable fees- airfreight is available at an extra cost and can be coordinated by the exporter.

Lots will be shipped as per the instructions and at the cost of the successful bidder. Any changes that result in extra fees will be paid by the buyer.


If a lot is split between several buyers and sent to more than one destination, all additional buyers of said lot will be charged with an extra fee per shipment to cover the additional administrative costs associated with the export depending on the transport mode:

Air cargo: $350.00 USD Sea freight: $300.00 USD




Honduras nominated exporter is:

Exporter Name: Procesadores de Cafe Choacapa, S.A. de C.V

Exporter Address: Barrio San Miguel Calle La Dalia, Marcala, La Paz, Honduras, C.A COE Coffee Warehouse Address: Choacapa Village, Marcala, La Paz, Honduras


From this year's expo, communication will be done through M-CuItivo.

M- Cultivo will be the liaison between you as winning bidder and PRODECOOP as exporter. Please refer your shipping instructions, payment information and export related questions to M-CuItivo

Contact Name: David Paparelli

Contact Email: support@mcultivo.com

M-CuItivo main office line:+1 (678) 404-9338



FOB: the seller delivers the goods on board the vessel at his own cost.

FCA: export cleared goods are delivered by the seller to the carrier at the named and defined location mentioned in the contract.


In both cases: All export documents are at the responsibility of exporter to provide &

The buyer is responsible for clearing the shipment at destination with all involved in the process (customs/taxes/paperwork/permits)

Copy to: darrin@cupofexcellence.org, gabriela@cupofexcellence.org, kathia@cupofexcellence.org, gary@cupofexcellence.org

Box Dimensions: 615 L x 480 W x 170 H


All buyers must contact the exporter, coordinators and ACE within 7 days of the close of the



Modification of this Agreement


The Management of Alliance for Coffee Excellence have the right to modify this Agreement and any policies affecting the website. Any modification is effective immediately upon posting to the website or distribution via electronic mail. Your continued use of the auction or website following the notice of any modification shall be deemed your acceptance of the modification(s).



Indemnification, Claims and Disclaimer


Use of this internet auction and ACE website is at the bidder’s own risk. Bidders agrees not to hold the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, IHCAFE, the provider of software, internet services or telecommunications companies for any consequential, incidental and/or liquidated damages if any that may result from or is claimed to result from, the bidder’s participation in the auction. The winning coffees have been selected and scored in blind cuppings. The winning farm and the specific coffee lot information is submitted by each farmer and is not known to the public until the winning coffees have been disclosed following the international stage cuppings held in the GCCs. ACE assumes the farm information is correct and up to date but is not responsible should some information change before or after the auction. Bidders should assess the value of each coffee based on quality in the cup and its appropriateness for their company. Farm information is for educational purposes only but can be used to help sell the winning coffees. All quality claims must be made within 15 days of delivery as per the Green Coffee Association of NYC ruling but no claim can be made on any coffees shipped more than 45 days after the close of the auction. Should a claim arise, a neutral arbitration panel will be assembled to assess the claim. Bidding at this auction represents a contract to purchase the coffee. Should a buyer default on payment legal remedies will be undertaken.

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