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Auction Agreement for Ethiopia - National Winners 2022 - August 15 - 26 @ 9 pm GMT

Ethiopia Bidding Instructions and Pricing


The 2022 ACE National Winner Internet Auction is sponsored by The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc. (ACE) and The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority. If assistance is required during the auction please contact darrin@cupofexcellence.org, david@mcultivo.com or kathia@cupofexcellence.org


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions


Your parflcipafion in this auction indicates your review and agreement to the following bidding instructions. Should you purchase any ACE Nafional Winner coffee at this auction, in a buying group or through a secondary channel you agree to the use and restrictions of the ACE National Winner° mark. Any misuse of this mark may be cause for legal proceedings.


Auction Opening Date and Times


Bidding will open on August 15th at 9:00AM EDT (New York) Bidding will close August 26th at 17:00 or 5:00PM EDT (New York)


Your opening and closing time may vary depending on your location-please check based on 9:00AM EDT (New York)


Coffee Lots


The 10 coffee lots being offered for sale as ACE National Winners through this internet auction have scored between 85+ by the international jury. The designated coffees were blindly cupped from June 10 to July 8, 2022 by a panel of COE experienced cuppers designated by ACE in Global Coffee Centers (GCC) around the world.


Bidding for these lots is only available through the ACE National Winner Platform on the Alliance for Coffee Excellence website. Each lot is separate and distinct. Samples of all lots have been made available in advance of the auction- it is the responsibility of the bidder to determine quality and appropriate value.


Auction Pricing


Pricing for the lots are figured in (USD) dollars and cents per pound. Bidding calculations and fees will be based on a close estimate of export pounds after milling and packing the coffees. An opening/reserve price of $4.00USD per pound for lots that scored 86+ points has been set by

the steering committee as representative of the winning farmers for lots. All opening bids on all lots must be equal to or greater than the opening/ reserve price. Incremental bids must be $.10 (ten cents) per pound or any amount greater than $.10 (ten cents) per pound.


Bidding, Opening and Closing


All lots will open and close together on the set date and time regardless of bidding activity. There will be a clock on the site indicating the remaining hours and minutes. A bidder may place multiple or single bids on any or all lots during the open auction until the auction closes. Once the auction software indicates FINISHED it will not accept any more bids. A PENDING notification does not end the auction.


Proxy and Auto Bids


An auto-bid or proxy feature is available to any bidder wishing to allow the software to place their next highest bid. A bidder can place a high bid on any coffee lot using the auto-bid function. The software will then place a ten cent higher bid above a competitive bid until the auto bid price is reached. The software will not place any higher auto-bid amount unless there is a competitive bid for that lot. Each Bidder will be able to view the current high bid for a Lot at any time during the Auction. Individual bids once accepted by the auction software, may not be revoked or withdrawn. However, you may cancel an auto-bid to prevent the system from placing further bids on your behalf.


Packing Fee


The Ethiopian National Winners are vacuum packed in cartons each containing 2 (two) 15kg bags. Successful bidders will be charged $.20 (twenty cents) per pound mandatory fee for vacuum packing. Bidding calculations and vacuum packing fee are based on actual pounds after milling and packing the coffees. The number of 30kg boxes as well as the weight in pounds will be shown.


Communication During and After Auction


Each Bidder will log in using his/her confidential password. All bids will be identified during the auction with a bidding number not a company name. During the auction the software will communicate any outbids, any auction issues, notifications or final successful bids using the email address registered for that bidder. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that the registered email is correct. Contact ACE staff for verification if uncertain.

Posting the Results


30 minutes or earlier after the end of the auction successful bidders will be identified by their company names. The auction results will be posted on the ACE website. Buying group members and their company identification is the responsibility of the actual bidder. Buyers can also be added at a later date.

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