Sandra Lelis Da Silva - Sitio Monjolinho

Sitio Monjolinho

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Tasting Notes Dark chocolate, dried fruit, coconut
Variety Catucaí
Process Pulped Natural
Region Matas de Minas
Score 87.54
Farm Altitude (m) 800-1000

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Producer: Sandra Lelis da Silva
Farm name: Sítio Monjolinho
Description: Dark chocolate with hints of coconut and dried fruit give this coffee a dessert-like feel.

Sítio Monjolinho was passed on to producer Sandra Lelis da Silva in the second generation by her father Valdomiro Lopes da Silva. The current Administrator of the property, together with her husband Paulo Afonso and 33-year-old son Vinícius Lelis, work together in a family farm. The property is located in the municipality of Canaã where it is cut by excellent springs of crystal clear water, protected by riparian forests. The temperature in the region varies from 18º to 22º and the coffee plantation is wooded. The owner is very concerned with environmental and social issues and she has been awarded prizes in regional and national competitions due to the high standard of quality of their coffee. The harvest is done manually. After harvesting, the coffee is measured and transported by truck to a nearby location, where it is washed and passed through the cherry huller. The water used in this phase is completely recycled. Then, the beans are taken to drying in cement terraces for the first phase of drying, then taken to suspended terraces, after which they are separated according to quality. After drying, the separate lots are kept in a resting bin and stored on the property. The owner has invested a lot in the search for best practices, aiming to maintain the quality standard of the coffee produced. It is an essential requirement that all actors who participate from the pre-harvest to post-harvest phases have special training, thus ensuring the standard of quality and productivity of the coffee. The owner's mission is to take great care with the environmental and social issues of everyone involved.

Tasting Notes:
Dark chocolate, dried fruit, coconut
Pulped Natural
Matas de Minas
Farm Altitude (m):