Reginaldo José Ribas - Sitio Rochedo

Sitio Rochedo

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Tasting Notes Sugar, apple, milk chocolate, malic acidity
Variety Arara
Process Pulped Natural
Region Matas de Minas
Score 86.77
Farm Altitude (m) 960-1190

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Producer: Reginaldo José Ribas
Farm name: Sítio Rochedo
Description: Balanced with malic acidity, light cramel and chocolate, with a creamy mouthfeel.

Sítio Rochedo is located near the entrance to the Trilha do Carvão, formerly known as Matas dos Crioulos, in the surroundings of Serra do Brigadeiro State Park. The farm is in the rural area ofAraponga, in Minas Gerais. It is a small property, with an average altitude of 1,100 meters. It is bathed by the São Gabriel stream. Sítio Rochedo is surrounded by a large rock, the origin of its name. From the top of the farm, you can see a panoramic view of the entire region of the Bursts, which is surrounded by mountains and coffee plantations. The property is surrounded by rocky mountains with soil rich in organic matter and subtropical temperature, ranging from 10ºC to 26ºC, with lower thermal sensation due to frequent wind. Rice and sugar cane have been cultivated on the property and it was also occupied by pastures for raising cattle. It currently produces coffee, intercropped with corn and beans. The mountainous terrain and the mild climate, combined with adequate and careful cultivation practices, make it possible to obtain excellent quality coffee beans. Thus, becoming a favorable area for the production of special mountain coffees. The property was acquired in 1976 by Reginaldo's grandmother Elzia Graças Gonçalves Miranda, who received it as an inheritance from her mother, therefore, these lands have belonged to their family for at least four generations. The coffee is picked manually by friends and family who give their will and companionship. They harvest the product and take it for washing in tanks with water, then it is sent to the peeler and pulper. Then to the cement yard of a family friend who participates in the entire process providing them with their equipment for use. After washing, the coffee goes to the cement terrace where it dries. When pulped, it goes to the terreiro suspended on the property, ending the drying process. Once these processes are done, they bag it in new bags for storage in a wooden bin where it stays for a certain time for processing. The team takes care with cleaning the yards and equipment, a priority when handling the coffee, to ensure everything is clean. The team is committed to handling the product correctly, so that, in the end, the product reaches the consumer with a high quality product and the flavor of the Matas de Minas coffee.

Tasting Notes:
Sugar, apple, milk chocolate, malic acidity
Pulped Natural
Matas de Minas
Farm Altitude (m):