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Winner: Wataru & Co., Ltd.

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Eluterio Bolaños Torrecillas. Quechua-speaking coffee producer. was born in the District of Patay. in the Huancavelica region in 1966. married to Mrs. Margarita Torres Rabelo. father of 5 children. They arrived in Pangoa in 1998 working as staff in the coffee harvest. in 2007 with a lot of effort and after saving carefully they managed to acquire a farm in the town center of San Juan de Pueblo Libre at more than 1700 meters above sea level. their passion for coffee has allowed him to grow and market high quality coffees of the Caturra and Bourbón varieties. despite not having a road that allows him to get his product out. he continues with that unbreakable spirit of continuing to produce high quality coffee. The advice of institutions such as PROVRAEM of MIDAGRI has allowed them to improve their capacities in crop. harvest and post-harvest management. I must be the best. Don Eluterio mentions every time you ask him about his work with coffee.

Score: 85.43
Boxes: 16
Weight: 1045.17
Region: Junin
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra – Bourbon

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