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Eco Mario

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"The farm starts from the moment who Don Andres Condori Villaroel (grandfather of the family) buys the farm in 1970. in the district of Yanatile. province of Calca. department of Cusco. later Don Mario Mejía Gutiérrez and his wife Doña Lorenza Condori Quispe acquire the grandfather's plot thus beginning the family passion for coffee. The first plantations installed by Don Mario Mejía were of the Arabic varieties such as the typical. bourbon and caturra in 1982 in an area of ​​one hectare. later four hectares were installed where in the effort to market the coffee. it had to be transported in animals such as donkeys. mules with more than three hours to the town center of Quebrada. capital of the district. In 2013 rust affected a large part of the coffee plantations that the family worked for years. which motivated them to renew with varieties resistant to rust. only the coffees that could be saved are preserved to this day. The coffee plots are located at a height of 1.790 meters above sea level and the ""Eco Mario"" farm. as it was called until today. is part of the Manu Biosphere Reserve. since it is located in the buffer zone of the most important native area in South America. the Manu National Park. Currently. coffee is worked with a dynamic and ecological agro management. prioritizing friendly practices with nature. implemented actions. focusing its efforts on improving the quality and productivity of the coffees that the family works with. Additionally. today there are 2.5 hectares of coffee of the Bourbón. Limany and Catimor varieties where new strategies in organic and agroecological processes are experimented with and applied. Coffee has helped the family in many aspects. including the children's studies.
Today the new trends of specialty coffees and production processes focused on good agricultural practices and that are also being supported by the Manu Biosphere Reserve (RBM)."

Score: 86.04
Boxes: 9
Weight: 563.16
Region: Cusco
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon

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