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La Bella estate has reached a special coffee thanks to the location, an area of tropical climate, surrounded by forests, in the heart of La Sierra de las Minas, in the department of El Progreso.

Finca La Bella was founded in 1960. Teodoro began to get involved around 1999 and worked alongside with his father for 13 years, until his father passed away. Later, Teodoro decided to continue the family tradition as a fourth-generation coffee producer.

Plantation knowledge, cultivation, harvest and benefit has been transmitted for four generations.

The varieties of Arabica coffee grown on the estate are: Bourbon 10%, Villa Sarchi: 40%, Caturra: 15%, Pacamara 20%, Marcelleza: 5%, Others: 10%.

Score: 88.98
Size: 8
Weight: 496
Variety: Villa Sarchí
Process: Washed
Region: El Progreso
Altitude: 4,757 - 5,413 ft

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