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17 Liquidambar

Honduras - Cup of Excellence 2022 - August 16 @ 1 PM GMT


x 100 Bids

Winner: Kyokuto Fadie Corporation

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One of the things that make my farm stand apart from the others is the excellent management we do as a family. When we harvest the coffee, we select only the ripe coffee cherries, if we see a green coffee bean, we immediately take it out . We also have a good shade system and excellent climate. In first place, I thank God, I thank IHCAFE and the technicians for their support because of them, I have already participate three times in Cup of Excellence. I´m happy with this event of COE. I expect to have good results, so I will have the opportunity to help our family, our community and our farm. 
Score: 87.35
Size: 12
Weight: 791
Variety: Pacamara
Process: Washed
Region: Villa de San Antonio
Overall: Complex citrus fruit, Overall Sweet, Unique, Maple syrup, long sweet finish
Flavor: Grapefruit , Molasses , Apple, Azucar morena, Bakers Chocolate, Bayas, Bittersweet Chocolate, Black Tea, Ciruela, Clove, Dried Dates, Dried Fig, Dried plum, Mango, Maple, Melocoton, Orange peel, Peach, Pipe Tobacco, Plum, Prune, Rasin, Raspberry, Red Apple, Stone Fruit, Tamarind
Acidity: Citric Acid , Berry, Bright, Citrus, Grapes like /Tartaric acidity, Pleasant lactic

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