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Honduras - Cup of Excellence 2022 - August 16 @ 1 PM GMT


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I chose the coffee variety Geisha to participate at Cup of Excellence. I did a washed process, the red coffee cherry is meticulously selected and harvested. I do this to enhance the flavor and characteristics of the variety and the good properties of my land. This is the fourth time I participate, In 2018, I obtained the fourteen place; In 2009, I was eliminated at national stage; In 2021, I obtained fifth place and now, COE I got the first place!!. Cup of Excellence is a very important event for the producers. It allows us to promote our coffees and brings an economic benefit as well. IHCAFE played an important role bringing COE to Honduras and at the same time giving us the tools to produce a better coffee and have access to an international market. For me it represents a lot of work and a lot of patience! I consider this a God's blessing. This is one of the finest farms and one of the best coffees I have ever tried. What a blessing this is my farm! I'm so happy and excited for the future of this area and my farm , and I'm looking forward to the coming years.
Score: 91.25
Size: 4
Weight: 264.55
Variety: Gesha
Process: Washed
Region: Las Vegas
Overall: Balanced, Beautiful, Citrus, Clean and structured, Complex, Consistent, Delicate, Elegant, Extremely ballanced, Sweet berry notes round cup, Floral, Intensive floral, Smooth and consistent, Syrupy
Flavor: Jasmine, Peach , Floral , Lemon , Stone Fruit , Lemongrass , Lime , Lychee , Milk Chocolate , Raspberry , Apple, Blackberry, Blueberry, Brown Spice, Brown Sugar, Cacao Nibs, Cranberry, Earl grey tea, Honeydew, Layered, Maple Syrup, Muscat, Nectarine, Orange, Plum, Red Grape, Strawberry, Tizana, Vanilla
Acidity: Malic Acid , Citric Acid, Complex, Crisp green apple like, Mandarin Orange, Structured

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