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25 La Piragua

Colombia Cup of Excellence


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Winner: honu加藤珈琲店株式会社

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Some time ago, while exploring places or going on outings, and sometimes while harvesting coffee, I was drawn to the name of a house in an attractive location. From then on, that name stuck with me, and I thought that when I had my own farm, I would give it the name "La Piragua." This name signifies the history of navigation through traditional boats that were used on the rivers of Colombia and America.

Living with my parents, they taught me how to work with coffee, how to plant it, cultivate it, and care for it. The most fascinating part for me was when they sold the coffee, and with the money, they would buy the things we needed, like food, sweets, and bread. During the harvest season, my parents would make a great effort to purchase clothes for us. From then on, I focused on helping them more, even when there wasn't always enough money. I gained a better understanding and thought that someday I could acquire my own farm.

As time passed, I organized with my wife, and I was given a piece of land to work on, which I eventually managed to purchase. I continued buying small plots of land and kept growing coffee. During that time, with God's grace, I received good prices, and my situation improved. I made some friends and embarked on offering a coffee that they said could be very special. Over several days working with Caravela, I continued to sell my coffee and gained recognition among customers. However, I remained restless and introduced new varieties to my farm, such as Borbón Rosado and Geisha, in order to have other excellent varieties to make myself known. Without realizing it, I participated in various local competitions, achieving good results. I also teamed up with Caravela for new Cup of Excellence competitions, and so far, I am very happy to continue showcasing my coffee, which is produced with a lot of effort and passion.

Boxes: 14
Score: 87.28
Variety: Bourbon Rosado
Weight: 925.94
Process: Washed Anaerobic
Region: Huila
Rank: 25

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