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Colombia Cup of Excellence


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Winner: Valley Coffee

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Diego is a professional barista, he started in the world of excellence in 2009, when he began working directly with coffee, as a roaster for the company Amor Perfecto Café and his desire to learn about coffee led him to become a taster. and barista, he participated on multiple occasions in the national barista competition, and managed to be national barista champion three times in Colombia, and represented the Country three times in world championships (Seattle 2015, Korea 2017 and Milan 2021), in Milan 2021, Colombia won and for the first time the country was champion of the world barista competition; With the help of Amor Perfecto he was able to develop the topic of roasting, cupping and barista, which today allows him to have experience in the process and transformation of coffee. Diego has been able to travel to different cities in the world to learn English and In addition to that, learn more about coffee.
Boxes: 7
Score: 87.44
Variety: Bourbon
Weight: 418.88
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Region: Huila
Rank: 23

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