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Colombia Cup of Excellence


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Winner: MUSEO Co., Ltd.

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Victor Felix Ramirez Cruz is a passionate coffee producer who resides in the department of Huila, specifically in the municipality of Pitalito-Bruselas, in the El Bombonal hamlet. His farm, named "La Fortuna," is located at an altitude ranging from 1650 to 1750 meters above sea level.

When my wife and I started this family project, we acquired a farm where we engaged in various crops. It was an extremely rewarding experience. Not only was the place beautiful, but it was also highly productive. We used to say to each other that, thanks to providence, we had found the perfect place to live. That's when we decided to name it "La Fortuna."

From a young age, I lived with my parents, who did everything they could to provide me with an education. At that time, schools were scarce, but the learning I received was of high quality. When I left school, I continued to support my parents on the farm, where I learned to work with various crops, including coffee.

When I started working in other places, life was tough. However, I always maintained the desire to have something of my own. Over time, my wife and I managed to acquire our own farm and focused on growing fruits and raising animals. We did very well, thanks to God. We also started cultivating coffee, achieving excellent results in production. At that time, the harvest was primarily sold in its wet state, and drying was done only occasionally for savings.

As time passed, my children grew up. Some continued their studies, while others took courses at Sena and specialized in coffee cultivation. Their progress and enthusiasm motivated me. They started their own businesses and got involved in the work. With the emergence of issues related to coffee rust, we began to renovate with more resistant varieties. My children dedicated themselves to coffee management, increasing production and improving quality.

With the support of the family, we began to introduce the coffee we produce on the farm, resulting in satisfactory profits. Finally, the opportunity to participate in the Cup of Excellence competition arose, where my children played a fundamental role in the coffee processes. Since then, we have been participating with batches in competitions.

Boxes: 5
Score: 87.50
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 297.62
Process: Honey
Region: Huila
Rank: 22

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