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10 Juan Martin

Colombia Cup of Excellence


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Winner: M.I.Coffee Corporation

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It sounds like Juan Martin's farm is an exciting and innovative venture in the world of coffee production:

Variety Experimentation: Having 14 different coffee varieties on the farm is quite diverse. This allows Juan Martin to experiment with various strains, each with its unique flavor profiles, disease resistance, and adaptability to different altitudes and climates. It's an excellent way to ni understand which varieties perform best under specific conditions.

Growing and Processing Methods: The focus on testing different growing and processing methods is crucial. These factors can significantly influence the flavor and quality of coffee. Methods like natural, washed, or honey processing, as well as factors such as shade-grown or sun-grown, can all have a substantial impact.

Producing Exceptional Coffee Profiles: The goal of experimenting with different varieties, altitudes, and processing methods is to produce exceptional coffee profiles. By fine-tuning these factors, Juan Martin can create unique and highly desirable coffee beans that stand out in terms of taste, aroma, and quality.
Knowledge Sharing with Small Producers: One of the most commendable aspects of this venture is the intent to share knowledge with small coffee producers. Many small-scale coffee farmers lack access to resources for experimentation and improvement. By sharing the findings from the farm's experiments, Juan

Martin can help elevate the quality of coffee produced by smaller farmers, potentially improving their livelihoods , This approach not only benefits Juan Martin and their farm but also contributes to the wider coffee industry. It's a collaborative and sustainable way to drive innovation and improve the quality of coffee on a broader scale.

Boxes: 7
Score: 88.83
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 383.60
Process: Washed Anaerobic
Region: Cauca
Rank: 10

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