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8 La Palma

Colombia Cup of Excellence


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Winner: elbgold Röstkaffee GmbH

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Pedro and his family own and operate Pergamino, a company dedicated to growing, exporting and roasting specialty coffee. The family farms are located in Santa Barbara, Antioquia, and have in the past 10 years been going through a transformation from being large producers to a smaller operation dedicated only to high specialty. Discovering the Chiroso variety in Urrao more than 10 years ago, Pedro and his family have been growing it in Santa Barbara for the past 6 years, and promoting it heavily within their allied producer program around Colombia. It is this variety that produced the lot that reached the auction of the Cup of Excellence this year, the first time for the family and the farms, making it the culmination of a long and arduous process.
Boxes: 7
Score: 89.39
Variety: Chiroso
Weight: 451.95
Process: Washed
Region: Antioquia
Rank: 8

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