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1b Montreal

Colombia Cup of Excellence


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Winner: Marukai corporation

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Duverney is a producer of Specialty Coffees from Planadas, Tolima. He is currently 38 years old and has two productive units: La España Farm and Montreal Farm. Currently, Montreal Farm holds the number one position in the Cup of Excellence. Duverney began his career in specialty coffees in 2014. He is a third-generation coffee producer, stating, "It's a passion that runs in my blood." He has been in the coffee production industry for 19 years and has achieved 11 national finals, with 4 of them being in the Cup of Excellence. He has consistently been in the top 10, and this year, he is in the first position with different coffee varieties. Duverney is grateful to God and life, and on this occasion, he wants to highlight the support of his family and employees in his business, particularly the support of his wife, Neyireth Charry Cortés.
Boxes: 5
Score: 90.61
Variety: Geisha
Weight: 319.67
Process: Washed
Region: Tolima
Rank: 1b

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