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19 Amber Coffee Estate

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Located at 1100 meters above sea level in Meishan Township of Chiayi County, Amber Coffee Estate has been passed down through five generations of owner Ho-Te Chen’s family. Chen explains the name comes from the fact that everything his family has grown (tea, camellia oil, honey, and coffee) looks like liquid amber.
Chen took over the family farm and began growing coffee when his father took ill. As a man of science, he combines sensory analysis and genetic analysis to select his crops. According to him, the current goal of Amber Coffee Estate is the genetic purification of its geisha plants. He has been slowly eliminating the plants with genetic problems and only keeping the ones that are problem-free. He is also experimenting with different processing methods. Chen is confident his coffee products will continue to improve, and he hopes to expand his genetic analysis to his SL-34 as well.
Boxes: 2.00
Score: 87.33
Variety: SL34
Weight: 66.14
Process: Honey
Region: Chiayi County
Rank: 19

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