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16 Melastoma Coffee Estate

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Winner: BEAN SUPER豆超國際、CHG(手多多咖啡)、井井咖啡、i.e.CAFÉ、達文西咖啡、Sun Bear Coffee

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Located at 1200 meters above sea level in Alishan of Chiayi County, the 2-ha Melastoma Coffee Estate is named after a local flower that blooms all year round. Owner Pao-His Huang, often affectionately called “Ah Bao,” is a long-time tea farmer who also runs a local bed-and-breakfast. Currently growing about 4000 coffee trees on his farm, he dreams plant more than 10,000 SL-34 and geisha coffee trees in the future.
Applying his knowledge in tea cultivation and tea processing to growing and processing his own coffee, Ah Bao also actively participates in various levels of regional and national coffee competitions to check the quality of his crops. He said he was inspired by the famous Zou Zhou Yuan to make a name for himself with his coffee, hoping to one day stand shoulder to shoulder with the best coffee producers in the world.
Boxes: 2.00
Score: 87.50
Variety: SL34
Weight: 66.14
Process: Washed
Region: Chiayi County
Rank: 16

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