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Located at 1200 meters above sea level in Jianan Yunfeng of Yunlin County, SONGYUE Coffee Manor is a local pioneer in coffee cultivation. Owner Chang-Sheng Kuo grew up hearing stories about the Taiwanese coffee farms of eld, so he began planting his own coffees in the eighties, more than a decade before the 921 Great Earthquake of 1999 forced other local famers to switch to coffee cultivation as well.
The SONGYUE philosophy is to pay special attention to the growth and nutritional intake of its coffee trees. An expert in botany, Kuo understands that the shallow roots of coffee plants are too easily affected by soil conditions at a surface level; therefore, he used various tools to guide his coffee plants to take deeper roots and apply organic fertilizer. He remarked, "In the year when coffee harvests were bad all over Taiwan, our coffee trees were fruitful."
SONGYUE Coffee Manor is not only a frequent winner of local competitions, it also holds the record of producing the highest scoring Taiwanese coffee as evaluated by CQI’s In-Country-Partner.
Boxes: 2.00
Score: 87.69
Variety: Gesha
Weight: 66.14
Process: Natural
Region: Yunlin County
Rank: 15

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