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Located in the department of Jinotega, La Escondida starts at the base of the same mountain as Las Delicias. La Escondida is home to our “varietal garden” this is where we test out new varieties before we decide if it’s worth planting it on one of our farms. Like our Gesha in Honduras, our seed stock for this Nicaraguan Gesha comes from Panama via Francisco Serracin of Don Pachi Estate. We traditionally process our Gesha as a Washed process, but the Natural process really brings out the fruit forward notes that the Gesha can posses and will make you forget that its a coffee from Nicaragua.
Boxes: 1.5
Score: 88.56
Variety: Gesha
Weight: 99.21
Process: Natural
Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua
Rank: 7
Cupping Attributes: Citric Acid, Bergamot, Black Tea, Brilliant, Floral, Jasmine, Juicy, Mandarin Orange, Refreshing, Vivid. Jasmine, Bergamot, Floral, Black Tea, Lemon, Apricot, Brown Sugar, Cherry, Chocolate, Clementine, Cream, Grapefruit, Honeydew, Juicy, Lemon & Lime, Lemongrass, Light brown sugar, Mango, Milk Chocolate, Orange, Rose, Sweet. Chocolate, Citric, Clean, Clean sweetness, Cream, Delicate, Overall Sweet, Tangerine, Tea-like,  White floral, White Grape
Processing Description: Only optimally ripe cherries are hand-harvested, floated in water to remove any unripe cherries, and hand sorted. The wet cherries are then carefully transported to our dry mill where we proceed to sun dry. We emphasize a slow and prolonged drying time, nevertheless we give the wet cherries 100% sunlight on raised beds, as a thin layer, for the first 4 days (this diminishes the risk of mold growth or overfermentation). Following this, the coffee is moved to our greenhouse with raised beds where it will finish its slow drying phase under 50% shade for an additional 25 - 30 days until reaching a humidity below 12%. The final steps are the stabalization periods. First the parchment stabalizes for a month, we then proceed to hull and sort the parchment. Second stabalization occurs in green, for an additional month. This will assure the humidity amongst all the beans are uniform.

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