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The personal farm of Eleane Mierisch, Las Delicias is a relatively new farm with it's establishment in 2014. Yet in a short time it has already made some waves by obtaining 4th place in Cup of Excellence Nicaragua in 2017. Eleane only cultivates a handful of varieties, including Javanica and Gesha, but this lot represents the other variety on her farm: Yellow Pacamara. We discovered this yellow maturing mutation on our farm El Limoncillo back in the early 2000's, and have since then been planting it on different farms and microclimates. Las Delicias is located in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua, with an average altitude of 1400masl, overlooking the manmade lake of Apanas.
Boxes: 1
Score: 88.32
Variety: Yellow Pacamara
Weight: 66.14
Process: Double Fermented Washed
Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua
Rank: 9
Cupping Attributes: Tartaric, Berry, Black Currant, Brilliant, Cherry, Citric Acid, Vivid, Winey, Banana, Berries, Berry, Brown Sugar, Brownie, Cheese, Chocolate, Dark fruits, Elder, Floral, Fruity wine, Funky, Golden Raisin, Honey, Jackfruit, Lactic,  Mango, Passion Fruit, Prune, Stone Fruit, Strong ferment, Sweet, Tropical Fruit, Berries, Ciruela, Clean, Intense cup flavors, Lactic,  Rasin, Stands out, Supporting sweetness, Sweet, Syrupy.
Processing Description: Only optimally ripe cherries are hand-harvested, floated in water to remove any unripe cherries, and hand sorted. The wet cherries are then carefully transported to our dry mill where we begin an anaerobic fermentation in our cold room. In tightly sealed fermentation tanks, the whole cherries fermented without water for 48 hours in temperatures between 6 - 10 degrees Celsius. We then proceed to depulp the whole cherries, and give it a second, aerobic, fermentation at the farm. After 34 hours, the wet parchment is washed with clean water. It is then carefully transported to our dry mill where we proceed to sun dry. We emphasize a slow and prolonged drying time, nevertheless we give the wet parchment 100% sunlight on raised beds for the first 2 days (this diminishes the risk of mold growth or overfermentation). Following this, the coffee is moved to our greenhouse with raised beds where it will finish its slow drying phase under 50% shade for an additional 13 - 15 days until reaching a humidity below 12%. The final step is the stabilization of the dried parchment to make the humidity amongst all the beans uniform.

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