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Winner: SUPREMO COFFEE - Germany

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I was introduced to Bogor, West Java, specialty coffee in one café before graduating college. From there I learned that coffee processed with different post harvest will result in vastly different characters themselves. My passion towards coffee doesn’t stop at the cup. I visited a few coffee farms in Java territory to discover their variety. At the time I learned that post harvest coffee handling is not as I imagined. There are lots of coffee which is left to rot after harvesting, cherry harvesting which is still not optimal, drying which is not completed, and other things. After all the visits, I decided to make a coffee processing site to elevate the standard on coffee post harvest handling. Fortunately, in my location at Ijen, there are Arabica coffee farms. From there I also started coffee cultivation. Starting from almost 8 years ago, we often have hard times and lots of challenges. But I’m grateful that finally our Ijen Lestari team’s coffee is well accepted in Indonesia and overseas. Our cultivated coffee always runs out of stock before the next harvest season, in which we increase the production. We grow. Along with time, my neighbors have also joined our team and therefore making the team even bigger.
Rank: 15
Score: 87.62
Boxes: 16
Weight: 1058.22
Variety: USDA 80%, Kartika 20%
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Region: Jawa Timur

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